• Ervaringen

  • Makeup Artist is an excellent make up service!!! She did my mom’s, mother-in-laws, bridesmaids & my makeup for my wedding. We were all so happy with the results which lasted for over 12 hours. My bridesmaids and I felt extremely glamorous, yet not too over the top with her superb make up application. Most of us got fake eyelashes applied and she put them on perfectly so that they looked natural. And thank goodness for that waterproof mascara which we definitely needed throughout the emotional day. Even despite tears and the fake lashes, our makeup held out until the night was over.

    Donna Rager

  • Jane Doe did my hair and makeup as well as makeup for my bridesmaids. Overall, everyone loved the results and she did a great job. [your name] was very professional and prompt with answering questions.

    Patricia Alcock

  • Jane Doe was fantastic! I loved my hair and makeup artist! Jane Doe did such a wonderful job and helped make sure my look was perfect for my big day. She is so friendly, personable and calming – which was so important while getting ready.

    Donna Rager

  • What I can I say Jane Doe is amazing and when I say amazing I really mean amazing, I nearly shed a tear when she showed me my face, I couldn’t believe it was me and I probably would have but I didn’t wan’t to ruin all her hard work!! She got the look I wanted straight away, I loved the colours and wearing the make up felt natural as I rarely wear make up. [your name] made myself and my bridesmaids feel comfortable and was a massive help while we were getting ready. [your name] I admire your talent and cannot thank you enough.

    Evelyn Spillers

  • Oh My God! De foto's zien er geweldig! Ik ben zo sprakeloos, ik kan niet eens beschrijven hoeveel ik van ze hou. Dank u voor het krijgen van het gene dat ik wilde. Mijn man vind het ook super. Ik zou zo kunnen doorgaan voor het winnen van de award voor "beste geschenk van mijn vrouw ooit"

    Dora J. Smith

  • U en uw medewerkers zijn geweldig! Ik hou van het eindresultaat en uw persoonlijkheid matcht goed met de meisjes en natuurlijk mezelf! Ik kreeg zo veel complimenten over mijn make-up beide keren dat je het deed! U maakte mijn trouwdag bijzonder!

    Leigh Doherty